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Mezzanine Floors Coventry

Where additional space is required whether for storage purposes or office usage then the addition of a mezzanine floor can immediately create that much needed extra area. 

Lyntech Systems have supplied mezzanine floors within the Coventry, Stratford Upon Avon, Rugby, Solihull and Warwickshire area, indeed much further afield also, for over 35 years. The full use of available space within premises is essential and rather than the huge cost and logistical difficulties with moving it makes sense to construct a mezzanine floor and use the height of the building to the most efficient extent. Lyntech Systems is pleased to assist with all sizes of floor from a small useful addition of storage through to a large increase in office space.

For well over 35 years Lyntech Systems has installed commercial interiors within offices, warehouses, factory and educational buildings. As part of that work package, Lyntech has installed office partitioning within many locations in Coventry such as The University of Warwick, Prologis Park, Seven Stars Industrial Estate, Binley Industrial Estate and numerous schools throughout the Warwickshire area.

Office Partitioning

Glass for visibility and creating a lighter environment or solid for privacy and improved acoustic performance.

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Office Refurbishment

Project management of all aspects within then refresh of an office area.

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Suspended Ceilings

Functional or design orientated to help create interest in conjunction with intelligent lighting design.

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A complete range from desking to soft seating, all part of a package to help create an enjoyable working environment

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Upgrade to hygienic finishes that can also be robust and give a contemporary look to such a functional area.

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Mezzanine Floors

Maximising the usage of the height of a building to develop additional working areas.

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Lyntech have worked alongside Bellway Homes  to create our new offices and during this time I have found Lyntech to be very efficient and thorough from tender through to the completion of work.  At all times they have been professional and accommodating to changes even during the fitout stage.  We are very pleased with the new working space and the efforts that Lyntech made in helping create the new offices.
Bellway Homes Ltd
Warehouse Flooring

Mezzanine Floor Design

A mezzanine floor within an industrial setting can be designed to accommodate different loadings to suit their application. There are also options for the decking material for the floor, again to suit their use. The addition of staircases, pallet loading gates, and handrails all combine to create a practical and compliant use of space. 

Office Floor Design

Within an office environment an additional level of office space can really make a massive difference to the layout and use of the office layout. The flexibility it brings can allow a more confidential area at one level and a more general area at another level, or purely allow for an increase in staffing levels when needed.

Office Design

Some Of Our Recent Work

In past projects, we have built a variety of mezzanine floors from a storage area in Coventry of approx 2500m2 to an office area of 250m2 in Warwick. These are just examples as each mezzanine floor is bespoke and depends on the space, usage and loading required. 

It is often the case that the re-location of offices to a mezzanine floor can free up additional storage or production space at shop floor level. This means that each square metre of space can be used to its maximum capacity and that helps drive an efficient operation in the long term.

Mezzanine floors offer great value for money when you need valuable extra space. It is certainly a lot less in cost compared to re-locating premises and a much quicker option when additional working space is needed.

All mezzanine floors are bespoke items that are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. This will depend upon the usage, layout, design, and performance. As it is a bespoke item, your exact needs for additional space and extra storage are taken into account.

This will clearly depend upon the size, however, as a structure, it is generally a very quick installation process. This means that it is a great option to add extra office or storage space in a short period of time.

Assuming the floor is designed with the correct goods storage loading, then a simple pallet gate can allow pallets to be loaded whilst maintaining a secure and safe barrier at the edge of the floor.

Yes, building regulations approval is required and we can help to provide drawings and calculations to assist with this process.

Office refurbishment within the Coventry area is a key area and this encompasses all finishes within a building such as suspended ceilings, decoration, flooring, air handling, electrical requirements and office furniture.
Lyntech Systems co-ordinate and manage all trades within a project to enable the client to have confidence that the plan will be on time and on budget.

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